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Twin Skin Log Cabins

Twin Skin Log Cabin Cross Section Twin Skin Log Cabin Front View Log Cabin Twin Skin Internal View Twin Skin Garden Office Cabin

Corner section of a twin skin log cabin Log Cabin twin skin intersections Twin Skin Log cabin roof section 

Twin Skin Log Cabins .....

All of the Log Cabins on display on the web site are available in a 'Twin Skin' design.

This is in effect an external wall with a cavity space (which can be filled with insulation) and then an internal wall.

The twin skin log cabin wall thickness options are 34mm + 34mm and 44mm + 44mm with a cavity space of 50mm in between.

The walls are also bolted together for additional strength.

The twin skin Log Cabins have a double roof system, 28mm Outer Roof Boards, 19mm Inner Boards and space for 25mm insulation boards, have excellent thermal values and come with our excellent Double Glazing units as standard. 

The Twin Skin Log Cabins are great for all year round usage with great heat retention properties