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Log Cabin Installation


All of our Log Cabins, Garden Offices and Timber Buildings come packed as above. The size of the pallets is dependant on the size of the Log cabin ordered.

We pack all the doors and windows separately for safety, you can have as little as 2 packs or as many as 8. The Log Cabins are usually delivered by Hiab lorries and need good access to unload, mindful of overhead cables. When delivered the Log Cabins need to be unpacked and handballed to the fitting site, this can take in excess of 2 hours, so be prepared. It is ideal to stack all the Logs in matching piles ie floor boards, roof boards and wall logs.


You will find the line plans in with the fixing kit and door / window handles. You can check off the companants at this stage, be aware that you will have a few extra spare pieces in the pack.

When commencing installation of the Log Cabin, the floor bearers (pre treated Green colour) will follow the outlying perimeter of the Cabin. These need to be screwed together, and 'squared' up - so the diagonal distance across each corner is the same.


The pre treated ring beam base can then be screwed into the existing base.
The starting logs are very distinctive - they are a half cut log, and there will be 2 in the pack. We always apply a course of wood preservative to the bottom of the half cut logs, to give thorough protection.

From here it is a case of following the line plans and carefully matching the layout, you will feel you are walking round in circles as the cabin slots together, piece by piece. The most effective way to secure a solid fitting is by using a rubber mallet, to lock the logs together, using a normal hammer will damage the interlocking format of the wood 


The layout will become apparent very quickly, and this section comes together rapidly.


When following the line plans, remember to count up how many logs to the window height, this is a common mistake when building and can cost time and effort to rectify later on


The Log Cabins are designed so that the window sections will easily slide into the exact size opening, this has all been pre-designed and cut out for you. The safest option is to build up a series of logs around the opening and then slide the window units into place.


You can build one side wall up securely, and insert the windows, then move on to the next side.


Dependant on the style and design of the Log Cabin you may have precut wall logs (as shown above) that go above and below the windows for a more secure, solid finish. 


When the Log Cabin reaches a certain height you will need to use ladders to continue.


When the wall logs have reached their final height it is time to build up the apex, in our design you can separate the apex into smaller sections, allowing a tighter, safer installation. The roof perlins are slotted into place and the apex built around them.

Note the thickness of the perlins, these are a 2 person assembly componant.


The completed apex with all roof perlins fully installed.


When the roof perlins are installed, it is time to fit the roof boards over the top. A pretty  simple exercise as the boards are all tongue and groove, they are nailed into the perlins. The V groove profiled edge is seen from the inside of the Log Cabin.


After fitting all the roof boards, the fascia trims are lined up fitting of the roof covering commences - in this case bitumen felt shingles. This can be very time consuming.....


This Log cabin was fitted with additional roof and floor insulation, we then had to fit another internal roofing section to maintain the internal finish. 




A close up of the Floor Insulation - we recommend 35mm thickness as this slots in between the floor bearers easily and still maintains a breathing space, allowing for any movement.


Brown mini guttering was then fitted and lined up to the customers drains. 

The door framework and casing is usually the last componant to be fitted, all prehinged for you. 

The Log Cabin shown in the pictures is a bespoke 5.9m x 5.0m in 70mm Interlocking Logs. 

We operate an expert fitting service as well, with over 500 builds behind us. 


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