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Log Cabin Fitting Service

Log Cabin Fitters working on timber BuildingWe have a team of vastly experienced Log Cabin fitters that will take away the hassle of erecting your cabin for you. Please contact us directly to obtain a quotation.

Reasonable access and use of water, electricity and toilet facilities is to be provided for our staff whilst on site. Storage of materials and equipment may be required during the installation process. It is the customers responsibility to prepare a level, square and suitable base for any timber building. Should this not be the case reasonable costs for a delay or return visit will be levied by Timber Buildings UK Ltd.

On completion of the installation the building will be inspected with our Senior Installer and the customer or customers representative. A Completion Certificate will be prepared for each building, once this has been signed by the customer or customers representative it is considered that the job is complete and has been finished to a satisfactory standard.

As timber is a natural product minor adjustments, when the building settles, may have to be carried out by the customer, this may include adjustments to the doors and windows as they may drop, expand and contract, warp etc. Alternatively adjustments can be carried out on a chargeable basis by Timber Buildings UK Ltd. You will need to maintain any exposed timbers with timber preservatives and finishes soon after installation.

Due to the nature of Cabin construction we are unable to guarantee any specific start or completion dates. Various delays can be caused by such things as road congestion, the impact of weather or even strikes by third party facilitators, transport or shipping.

Please note that we place great emphasis on the Health and Safety of our Employees and our Customers.
We are unable to work where there is restricted access, potential cables and overhanging trees and bushes. In cases where a suitable working space has not been provided the Company will levy a charge for reasonable costs incurred in any delay or return visits.

All reasonable care will be exercised in carrying out the delivery and installation, should you believe that damage to your property or grounds may be caused as a result of access to the installation site it is your responsibility to risk assess and protect those areas affected. We do not carry out a pre-survey of your installation site and request that you are insured for any potential damage that may be caused as a result of unreasonable difficulties experienced by our staff or vehicles whilst on your premises. Should you request an inspection for alleged defects and these fall outside of our published descriptions and reasonable actions then we reserve the right to make reasonable charges for that service.

View some of the log cabins and timber buildings we have installed for customers throughout the UK at our log cabins gallery page