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Log Cabin Shingles


Log Cabin Roofing Shingles

We can offer and install a range of Bitumen felt roofing shingles for our Log Cabins upon request.

The main styles and colours are shown below: Hexagonal Red / Green / Black


The Self-adhesive Shingles are easy to apply, and form a much stronger barrier from the weather than traditional roofing felt.

The Log Cabins we supply have wooden tongue and groove roof boards and are ideal for fixing the shingles to.

The Shingle are applied starting at the lowest point of the Log Cabin roof, working across, then up with an overlapping effect.

*A desirable finish to any Log Cabin
*Can be used on Steep pitched Log Cabin roofs or various round shaped roofs
*Full safety against upwards infiltration of water and snow
*Hard Wearing
*Long Lasting protection for your Log Cabin / Garden Office
* Shingles conform to DIN 4107/part 7 and are therefore resistant against spread of flame.
* The roof shingles absorb a great amount of noise caused by rain and hail on a Log Cabin roof

*The Shingles have Exceptional resistance to strong winds –The ArmourShield range we supply has been extensively tested in wind tunnels and has shown a resistance to strong winds up to 220 km/h.

A certain degree of competence is required when installing the Shingles, we cannot be held responsible for incorrect fitting by any customers, so if in doubt use our in house Log Cabin fitting team.