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Log Cabin Photo Gallery

All Images are sole possession of Timber Buildings UK

This is a stunning bespoke Garage we supplied and fitted for our customer in Essex. The 5.9m x 5.9m double garage was over 2 levels in 70mm Logs. An external staircase provided access to the spacious upstairs area. Double Storey Log Cabin Customer Review


Walnut Garden Office in Watford 

One of the most asthetically designed Log Cabins in the range. This 44mm Walnut Log Cabin was used as an all year round Garden Office facility in the Watford area. Roof and Floor insulation were fitted for improved thermal values.

Garden Office Customer review for the Garden office log cabin

Garden Office in Watford

Garden Offices Watford  Timber Garden Offices Timber Garden Offices UK


 Bespoke Garden Office and Workshop in Sale, Cheshire

Another bespoke made Log Cabin in 44mm Logs - 8.5m x 4.0m. We designed this Garden Office so the customer - Summerhouse Art -   had a large workshop area and a connecting sales office in one Timber Building. Summerhouse Art are the norths premier designers of Curtains, Blinds and Fabrics. We had to keep the roof height under 2.5m so opted for the sloping roof design. The Log cabin was fitted in 4 days and included under floor insulation & clear treatment

Garden Office  Workshop in Sale, Cheshire

Garden Office and Workshop in Sale, Cheshire  Timber Workshop in Sale, Cheshire  Timber Garden Office  in Sale, Cheshire


Clockhouse Log Cabin in Cheshire

This 70mm Clockhouse Log Cabin plus decking and spindle works was sited in Wilmslow, Cheshire. We created a concrete pad and then additional decking works for the Log Cabin, which was insulated in the floor and roof for the customers. Having fitted the existing Log cabin they then decided that an additional extension was required so we designed a 3.4m x 1.4m extension for a toilet facility. Both log cabins were finshed off with black roof shingles. Before and after pictures shown...




Twin Skin Garden Office in Enfield

This 44mm + 44mm bespoke Twinskin Log Cabin was utilised by one of Londons finest photographers (Digital Eye). The cabin was fully insulated throughout - 70mm Floor / 40mm Walls and 25mm Roofing to create an excellent Garden Office working environment throughout the year. We also organised all the first fix wiring for our customer.

Timber Garden Office in London

  Garden Offices London


Custom Log Cabin in Reading

A fine example of a 70mm Log Cabin - 5.9m x 5.0m. This was made for the customers exact requirements. Maximum space was utilised within the planning restrictions, and the Garden workshop was complete with under Floor Insulation, Roof Insulation, Internal matchboard roof, Guttering, Shingle Roofing and Clear preservative. This allowed all year round usage in a comfortable working environment.



Bespoke Log Cabin 9m x 3m - Norwich

We designed a custom made Log Cabin in 70mm for Bure Valley railway in Norwich.

We had to oganise a timber framed base for the cabin over some old railway lines, the cabin was insulated in the floor and roof and had guttering and shingles fitted. The Log Cabin was used as a sales office and and historical room.



The Chapel Log Cabin - Wales

A Stunning new model of the chapel in 44mm Logs. This was utilised as gym by the owners in their country retreat. This Log Cabin will also make an excellent GardenOffice because of the amount of light it lets seep in.


Bespoke Timber Garage in Liverpool

We designed this 6m x 6m 'L' Shaped Timber Garage and Office specifically for our customers. They needed a large open plan Garage area and connecting Office facility.

We had to keep within planning regulations so the ridge height was under 2.5m.

Bespoke Timber Garage in Liverpool

 Timber Garage in Liverpool Timber buildings Liverpool Timber Garage


 Sapling Log Cabin (70mm) in Nottingham

The standard design of the Sapling Log Cabin was perfect for our Nottinghm based customer. A wooden building to use as a refreshment area for his gardeners. This was built on a sleeper platform an included a verandah finish.

Log Cabin in Nottingham

Front Log Cabin (70mm)   Side Log Cabin (70mm) in Nottingham Log Cabin


Clockhouse Log Cabin (70mm) in Warrington, Cheshire

This is a fine example of our best selling Log Cabin. We created a Timber Framed base over some 12 metres  x 8m area to deck over and then site a 70mm Clockhouse Log Cabin. The Clockhouse was used as a beauty treatment room and was insulated in the Roof and Floor. The extra decking area over 2 levels was used as a client relaxation area

Clockhouse Log Cabin (70mm) in Warrington, Cheshire

 Clockhouse Log Cabin (70mm) in Warrington, Cheshire Clockhouse Log Cabin With Patio Side View Clockhouse Log Cabin  


Walnut Log Cabin, Canterbury

The 8.5m x 4.5m Walnut Log Cabin was used as a combined office and storage facility by our customers. We added under floor insulation, black roofing shingles and clear preservative treatment to this 70mm thick Log Cabin.


Bespoke Garden Office, Milton Keynes

This 6.5m x 3.5m bespoke Garden Office was made from 70mm Logs. Customer request centrally located doors with a window either side and in each side wall. The floor insulation option was again taken up by our customer. The pictures show a good example of the additonal roof supports we sometimes use.

Bespoke Garden Timber Office

 Timber Office  Timber Garden Office Timber Building Milton Keynes  


Log Cabins in Cardiff, Wales

A dual purchase - 1 Snowbell Log Cabin, 1 Plum Log Cabin. Our customer worked from home so used the smaller Plum Log Cabin as his Garden Office and the Larger Snowbell Log Cabin as a kiddies playroom. Both Cabins were in 44mm Logs complete with Red Roof Shingles

Wales Log Cabin Front

Log Cabins Front View Log Cabin Wales Side View Log Cabin Wales


Bespoke Log Cabin in Lymm, Cheshire

 This was a bespoke version of the Oak Log Cabin in 44mm. The garden had excellent rear views and the design allowed the customer to make full use of the open aspect. We also fitted a Cedar Shingle Roof to this model. The actual usage of the Log Cabin was to make pottery moulds in.

Log Cabin in Lymm, Cheshire

Log Cabin Cheshire Log Cabins Manchester  


Bespoke 5.0m x 5.0m Log Cabin Milton Keynes

This Log Cabin was used as a chill out room by our client, kitted out with a flat screen TV and Stereo system. Somewhere to escape after a busy day at the office. We amended the height to under 2.5m to be within the planning regulations. A very solid Log Cabin made from 70mm Logs.



Mulberry Storage Log Cabin in Rochdale, Lancs


Walnut Log Cabin in Reading (Games Room)


Elm Garden Office in Spalding, Lincs


Garden Office, Sevenoaks



4m x 3m Log Cabin (44mm) in Cheshire


Timber Garage, Biggin Hill



Cabin 21