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Garden Office Buildings

Why choose a Garden Office ?

The inception of the internet has changed the way we all behave, work and shop...

The modern working pattern of today’s employers is far more flexible than the usual 9 - 5 that it use to be. Many people are afforded time to work from home in a manner not achievable even 10 years ago.
Many people working from home previously used a spare bedroom or combined a living room to accommodate their needs. This was adequate but reduced the initial comfort of the home, combined with the kids running wild many people began to get a little stir crazy...

So what is the alternative......

Create a Garden Office, this allows you all the creature comforts of home without the interruptions or distractions of your normal house. House extensions are a very costly and messy option; Conservatories are cold in winter and baking in summer

The most common and cost effective way to do this is to invest in a form of Log Cabin / Timber Building..

A spare area in the back garden can be transformed within a matter of days

There are a few basic guidelines to adhere to i.e. not more than 30m sq m in size or more than 4m in height (see local council for further clarification) The Log Cabins can be catered to your individual taste, with custom made cabins seeing a massive surge in sales.

A suitable base needs to be prepared beforehand i.e. concrete pad, timber frame to support a Garden Office and deter any damp issues.

Dependant on your budget Garden Offices can be fully insulated in the roof, floor and walls however even the single skin cabins (one wall) can come in various thicknesses of timber that offer excellent heat retention properties. The working environment needs to be comfortable in the depths of winter and the heat of summer.

Look for a Garden Office that offers double glazed windows as standard, with a tilt and turn facility to allow a cool breeze in summer.

Internally Garden Offices can be fitted with lighting, carpets, internet connection, phone lines, office furniture, power points in fact everything you would need.

Externally Garden Offices can be painted to your individual taste, and nice bitumen shingle roofing can complement the existing surroundings.

If you are concerned over the temperature of working in a Log Cabin outdoors then dont be - we can offer any cabins from our site as Twin Skin Log Cabins. These are fully insulated units with internal and external walls similar to a traditional house build.

Another big benefit to this is that even years down the line you will have added a significant increase to the price of your home, for a relatively small outlay.


Benefits of a Garden Office / Log Cabin

Working in a Garden Home Office away from your usual place of business, you are allowed greater control in your working hours. This can be useful for fitting your work time around family commitments, such as childcare and school runs.

With less distractions and the ability to work in a secluded space away from the hustle of a family home and a bustling office provide you with the ideal working environment to concentrate, helping you to meet your targets and working deadlnes

By having a Garden Office, your travel time is greatly reduced, giving you more time at home, a healthier work–life balance, and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

A natural environment can reduce stress – even taking breaks outside can help.  So if you are self employed or work from home, a Garden Office / Log Cabin will help you achieve the results you want. 

Laptops run on less power than desktop PCs, keeping both your utility bills and your carbon footprint lower.

Healthy eating is an vital part of your well being, and this easier to acheive when you are not working a short walk away from fast-food outlets and cheap, mass-produced sandwiches. Instead you can take your time to make yourself a healthy lunch, and cut back on unnecessary saturated fats and sugar.

In addition to healthier eating, you can also cut back on your lunch costs by making your food at home. Another saving that you will make is on your petrol costs as you won’t need to drive to your Garden Office

Natural settings help us to relax and concentrate better letting us finish our working day feeling regenerated and ready for family or social activities. Even the smell of natural wood which will be present for many years in a Garden Office / Log Cabin gives a refreshing environment to work in.

Motivation and work levels will increase working from your Garden Office rather than from inside your home. Taking away the ever-present pressure of ‘work’ can result in a calmer, more relaxed environment which lowers stress levels, benefiting your health and mental well being.