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Log Cabin Insulation

Log Cabin Insulation

For all our Log Cabins and Timber Buildings we can supply and fit under floor insulation.

We use the market leading boarding products, and they can be cut to size and offer excellent insulation properties.

The 35mm insulation boards are perfect for underneath the log cabin floor boards as they reduce the cold air flow coming up from the ground, and still maintain a breathing space to allow for natural expansion and contraction of the timber properties.

please see the pictures below ...

Log Cabin on concrete base without insulation

Log Cabin on concrete base with insulation 

 The floor insulation can save around 20% on Log Cabin heating costings throughout the year and when combined with an internal floor finish (laminates, carpet etc) provide a comfortable working environment throughout the winter periods.

Dont forget we provide all log cabins with solid 28mm Floor Boards... a lot thicker than most other companies


Log Cabin Roof Insulation - Internal

We also offer internal roof insulation for our Log Cabins, particularly useful if using as a Garden Office as again this increases the heat retention abilities of the timber buildings.

The picture below shows half a roof already insulated with the internal roof boarding fitted and the other half with the insulation in place ready to be boarded. Our fitters take time and care to give an excellent finish to what is a time consuming process.

We can also fit the insulation on top of the existing roof boards and under the roof shingles. The picture also shows the floor insulation fitted.