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Competitors Log Cabins

This page is not designed to offend or insult any of the other Log Cabin companies - just to provide you the customer with accurate information before choosing the right Log Cabin for you.

Timber Buildings UK have already told you on previous pages about our key selling points, we wish for you to be able to compare this with actual images of what else is currently available on the UK Log Cabin market.

Our 28mm Floor Boards provide a seriously heavy duty finish to our Cabin.

Below is a picture of 19mm Floor Boards - this is is supplied by 90% of the other companies out there:


The main reason companies provide this is to save on the overall pricing...But we like to think long term.... Remember every time you use the Log Cabin you will be standing or moving on the floorboards, exurting pressure every time.


The Doors are another main componant of Log Cabins, they will be regularly used when entering and exiting the timber building. We like to provided a solid unit with a thick double locking key lock, also sturdy adjustable hinges to support the overall weight. All the cabin doors are (34mm and above) pre - double glazed, and have 2 internally fitted shooting bolts. A nice thick gasket seal is also supplied to retain the weather proofing.



As you can see from the pictures above, some competitors doors have no glazing fitted, a very small lock and a thin gasket seal....Not that there is anything wrong with this its just we prefer to add that little bit of extra quality to our Log Cabins, and make the installation process as easy as we can.

Notice the small door hinges, they are not adjustable, so when the Cabins swell and then contract the doors cannot follow suit.

The roof perlins are an integral safety feature for the Log Cabins, 95% of companies will offer a single support maybe 6 inches deep x 2 inches deep at best (although we have seen 3 inch x 1 inch - Dangerous!!!)

We like to think our 9 inch x  3 inch is nice and solid - as they say size does matter.

This infomation is important when deciding upon your Log Cabin, we dont intend to be the cheapest Log Cabin supplier in the country - but we provide one of the best value Log Cabins available.